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November 2009

1st day in BA

Is my Spanish really that bad?!


So I arrive in Buenos Aires after 15 hours or so and get a phone call from the coordinator at the school saying there has been some drama with the apartment I was meant to be sharing with 3 other students. She reassures me however that everything is ok and the taxi driver is taking me somewhere else - to stay in a flat with a youngish Argentinian couple. A little more than overwhelmed and too tired to argue I let the taxi driver take me to my new home. It's a very basic room in an 8th floor apartment in one of the fairly trendy areas of BA - Palmero which on the outset seems quite exciting. Except I don't get the warmest welcome - the couple (I don't even know their names!) simply give me a key, show me where I am on a map and leave to go shopping for the afternoon!! Spending a weekend by myslelf trying to orientate myself around a strange city was not really what I had in mind - needless to say the school will be recieving a very angry email from me!!

So I am now sitting in a local cafe using their wifi and practicing my (very basic) Spanish. I just ordered a coffee with milk 'un cafe con leche por favour'. I practiced this sentence many a time before leaving the UK - a very very important phrase in my opinion but I am now left bewildered as the waitor has just brought me a tea. So this leads me to think that either coffee with milk is something completely different in Argentina, or I prounounced it so badly and look so typically English he assumed (as all English people do?!) I wanted tea? Dam bloody English cliches!! I'm inclined to go with the later anyways. Well I just ordered a pizza with cheese and tomato as it was the only thing on the menu I recognised - i'll be interested to see what comes out.......

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2 days to go!!

Excitement, nerves, excitement more nerves, ok nerves have gone now i'm just excited!!!

Ok so not long to go now...........tomorrow is my last day at work for 4 months, big smiles all around!!

Late Friday evening I will be fly to my first destination Buenos Aires!! I'm packing a fair amount of travelling into the 4 months so I have had to be pretty organised and decide where I want to go and what I want to see. So this is the general plan of what I will be doing (so far anyways):

27th November - Fly to Buenos Aires - go to Spanish school for a month. During this month I will be living in a shared appartment in the city with 3 other international students. I'm planning on eating lots of steak, doing lots of tango classes, going to the best Argentine nightclubs - oh an learning some Spanish too! A weekend trip to the amazing Igauzo falls is also top of the list of priorities!!!

26th December - Make my way over to Santiago via Mendoza to see my pal Sophia who I met in NZ and haven't seen for 6 years!! Spend NY with Sophia, her Chilian partner Ricado and his entire Chilian family - this should be a very interesting experience!! Road trip with Sophia from Santiago to Calama according to Sophia's amazing itineriary!

16th January Say bye bye to Sophia (sob) as she leaves for NZ - I travel onto Cuzco Peru. Here I will be volunteering with Aldea Yanapay and amazing volunteer organisation improving the lives of Peruvian children in Cuzco. Here I will be living in the volunteer house and helping out with the after school centre most likely teaching English.

20th Febuary - leave Cuzco, see the rest of Peru and Ecauador

21st March - Fly from Lima to Montevideo (Uruguay) - Chill out on a beach, get a suntan!

31st March - Say bye bye to South America - fly home to the UK hopefully full of amazing life experiences and tales to tell, being able to speak fluent Spanish and no doubt with a very empty wallet ;)

Wish me luck!!!

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